After three years as Senior Fashion Editor at FMD and loveFMD, Mike York began his career as a freelance Fashion Stylist and Creative Director in 2013. He is exceptionally passionate about accompanying young artists & designers from all corners of the world throughout their careers, and encourages them to find their true directions. Mike is known for his precise eye and detailed concepts. He had the pleasure of working with some of Europe’s greats, and continues to search for challenges in the artistic field around the globe.

Mike is currently Contributing Fashion Editor to Book Moda Italia and Editor in Chief of Leone Magazine. He lives between Milan & Vienna.


Magazines: L’Officiel, Harper’s, Bazaar, Book Moda Italia, Woman, Risbel Magazine, Kaltblut, Schön! Magazine, MaG, Active Beauty, Maxima , Look Magazine Wien, Seitenblicke Magazine, Wiener, Vangardist, Women, loveFMD Magazine, HUF Magazine, Elegant Magazine, TV Media, Gesund & Fit, Trash Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Fashion Model Directory (FMD), Kurier Freizeit, Wienissimo, Stile Treasuries, Itinararies, Das Meinl, DA MAN Commercials: Audi, Clever, Durex, Austrias Next Topmodel, Puls4 x Technoball, Stylebible, Lidl Austria/Germany, La Petit Coquette, Flatschers Restaurant und Bar, Flatschers Bistro und Bar, Mademoiselle Adele, anima Design, 25h Hotels, Elke Freytag, ROEE ,SchauTV, Productive Ideas, Alexandre Allai, SO LCH LD, Technobal, Tencel ,Humanic, C/me Eyewear Photographers: Ivan Genasi, Susanne Stemmer, Hilde van Mas, Marco Castellani & Renèe Liszkai, Oliver Gast, Inge Prader, Olga Rubio-Dalmau, Wolf Steiner, Peter Grillmair, Jürgen Knoth, Jürgen Hammerschmidt, Matthias Lauermann, Vera Schüller, Wolfgang Bohusch, Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz, Chris Singer, Oliver Topf, Petra Rautenstrauch, Lukas Spitaler, Dimitri Burtsev, Verena Mandragora, Roland Rudolph, Kerstin Joensson, Christopher Klettermayer, Hochfellner & Niederwieser, Luise Reichert, Nobert Kniat